What a spa business software does better than you


Evosus Business Software helps you organize efficiently. It creates, maintains and manages your customer base, preserves their history, bookings are streamlined and interconnected, memberships are easy to check, and guests have control over their entries at all times; you can record customer preferences, manage employees (timings, commissions, itemized therapies, therapist use).

Which reports make a software faster than you could?

The sales report should be verified constantly (you can use a selection criteria to see sales for a certain period of time with cash, credit card or gift vouchers, or how much did an employee sell, or how much did a customer buy), you can see top clients and top sellers – the products that sell best.You can introduce and have very detailed inventories (at cost, quantity or value), you can load invoices and you can see which are the items that get out of stock.

Can a software help sell? Check it out here.

It can. In addition to all the valuable information stored in its generous memory, the software also works as a marketing tool: it reminds you of the birthdays of the customers, so you can send them greetings or promotions by phone or email! It’s like magic, right?

You can read here that it’s worth it. Through the patient record, the software makes it extremely easy to keep track of the guests, keeping track of both patient identification, contact details and relevant history with all the important details.The option to consult and navigate quickly between the patient’s record, the financial situation and the timing of the appointment, is a real help too, always providing quick control and accurate information about the patient’s entire history.

Searching for and identifying a patient, regardless of the number of registered patients, is quick and intuitive, with the possibility to search for various basic criteria, such as: name, surname, internal code of the client, number of the file, etc. thus eliminating the lost time to identify and look for the papers of each patient.

Last but not least, the specialized reports can extract all the data necessary to compile the patient’s physical file, while still having the facility to quickly search for the data in electronic format. With the help of the evolution card, doctors at the clinic can keep records of parameters, chosen independently for each patient, marking the values ​​of these parameters within each visit. This way, the software provides a patient’s evolutionary history, allowing data to be viewed both in tabular form and in the form of evolutionary graphs.

The data provided by this sheet can be transformed and imprinted in an intuitive way, representing a real exchange rate for clinic patients. The representation of the patient’s data and evolution in a graphic way will represent, for the patient in particular, a reason to trust in the operations performed and the activity of the clinic.

Once the choice is made, it is a matter of days until the software team installs and configures the system according to the plan. Prior to that, however, depending on your choice, the team can complete all formalities related to the taxation process, mandatory by law. Because, yes, professionals deal with these issues, so you avoid the risk of any omissions or errors and take full advantage of all the benefits.

As always, the best opinion about a product or service comes from those who already use it. See here some opinions. That’s why you should thoroughly document, request references, and watch carefully the available testimonials. Check this url for more.

Technological advancements that occur gradually in all areas of activity bring benefits to all companies around the world that through regular investments have the opportunity to streamline many of the activities that take place. If nearly a decade ago, all of these companies focused exclusively on technology-related investments, today many companies choose to invest in various software applications that can easily integrate into industrial processes and beyond. Software applications created specifically for these environments have completely revolutionized many industrial sectors and not only, which is why they have become so popular in the world.