Should You Use Gear Pumps?

You may be wondering why you should choose a gear pump over the variety of other pumps on the market. While gear pumps like the Liquiflo gear pump are fairly commonplace these days, there may be a few people out there still wondering whether these are the right choice for them. Gear pumps are used as positive displacement pumps that can transfer and meter a variety of fluid thicknesses. Unlike other pumps, such as the Diaphragm pumps out there, that handle metering applications, gear pumps do not pulse or require any sort of air source while in operation.

There are a number of advantages of gear pumps over similar types of pumps:

– Almost no pulsations at all
– Easy to maintain and repair
– Less auxiliary equipment needs
– High discharge pressure using low flow technology
– Self-priming
– Fewer parts to wear down and need replacing

For those of you looking for something a little more heavy duty, there are a variety of mag-drive gear pumps available on the market. These heavy duty gear pumps are magnetically coupled to offer a solution for those tasks that present issues for single-seal pumps.

This cost-effective solution for handling, transferring, and metering noxious, toxic, and other problematic fluids eliminates the need for a double mechanical seal. This means where you would normally need to worry about cooling loops, you can rest easy knowing you are worry-free and saving a bunch of money by choosing mag-drive gear pumps for your next project.

There are a number of other major advantages to choosing mag-drive gear pumps:

– Much more cost-effective than the double-sealed alternatives available
– Be done with the hassles that come with worrying about cooling loops on double seal solutions
– No need to dispose of barrier fluids