Most common Digital Marketing Mistakes

The most experienced marketing experts make mistakes like everyone, but at the beginning of the profession, there are some mistakes that are usually made by inexperienced people. This is going to change in the future because digital marketing is constantly changing, and when we have artificial intelligence to work for us, these mistakes won’t be an issue.

Most agencies know where to check for problems, so if you work with an agency that has a great reputation, you won’t regret it. You can learn from these mistakes because the best way to learn marketing digital is to go through problems and get experienced.

Website expectation

The first major mistake most businesses make is once their website has been built, they automatically think it will be found on Google, the phone will ring and email inquiries will just happen. You do have to market the site on social media, on blogs and YouTube etcetera. Not every page will be found on Google because at the end of the day you have to make sure that the page is at indexed by Google which is basically found by Google to enable them to be ranked and that is not an automatic sequence.

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It has to happen over time with marketing. Foundation is the on-page optimization which is search engine optimization, but it is like putting the floor in the house, it is essential to the success, in the future it isn’t the only thing you will have to do. Don’t be fooled by any company that actually says that the only thing you need is the on-page optimization, but it is extremely important.

Keyword phrases

Mistake number two is when companies regularly offer the service of being found for 50-100 keyword phrases and telling you that it will make your money and get you leads. This is a typical approach from an SEO company with very little or no at all on website conversion.

Their sole focus is getting you found and ranked, but they are not telling you the chances of converting that into sales or leads. Typically they will take at least 6 months, sometimes 12, depending on how competitive the word is to be ranked, and it all depends on the competition.

Web developer

Mistake number three is thinking that a web developer knows how to create a conversion and lead focused website. They make nice looking websites that are functional most of the time. They are generally not conversion experts, or SEO experts and internet marketing experts, and they are certainly not professionally developed in advanced SEO psychology.

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Social media

Social media isn’t just about likes and posting content. It is still something that people are very focused on, and yet it is about sharing comments and finding influences in your target market. Also, looking at the analytics at what time in a day your posts are being shared and looked at.

Another key point is to take followers off of social media as soon as possible by building up your email database, by giving something away for free. Electronically that basically solve the challenges and frustrations of your target market and then it is in your control not on Facebook or anyone else. Read more on this page.

Big companies

A mistake is to think that a large company has all the answers to help you succeed online. They maybe have very flashy brochures, or they are good at marketing, they have good salespeople, but does this mean that they actually understand all the answers to how each part of digital marketing works together.

Do they really invest the time needed to actually help you succeed, or is it more a churn and burn process where they come in and offer something relatively cheap, make it look great, but ultimately don’t put the time into it because their number’s game is all about getting more and more people through their system.

And the other point is how experienced in integrated digital marketing are the employees? They might be focused on SEO, or pay per click, but are they looking at Google Analytics. They don’t tend to be advanced and experienced in multiple parts of internet marketing and that is really the point.