Fact Finding Before Establishing Corporate Partnerships

The integrity and credibility of your business influence your standing with your customers and the community. Along with providing reputable products and services, your company builds its reputation with the public in part with the kinds of partnerships you establish with other companies.

Before you do business with another company, you may want to do as much research as you can about it first. You can build partnerships with businesses like parts suppliers, food vendors, and hardware distributors by finding out more about the leadership teams and executives.

Executive Search

Chances are that as a small business owner you will be dealing with so-called middle men or vendors that represent companies with which you will partner. You may never get the opportunity to visit with the CEO, CFO, or board of directors.

Even so, you still may want to know who these people are and what kind of work ethic they have. These details can reveal much about the way that they run their businesses and by extension how they treat corporate partners like you.

When you go online, you can find a listing of the leadership team for the company. The site lists their names, positions, and brief contact details. You can use this information to do a cross search on the Internet to learn as much as you can about the people who will play a role in how the business treats you and your own company.

Physical Location

Another piece of information you might want to have at your disposal involves where the company is actually located. This information can influence the speed at which you get deliveries from the warehouse or the amount of time it takes for someone from the company to come visit your business in person.

The website lists the geographical details of the business so you know the physical address and phone number. You can keep this information handy in case you ever need to call or visit the business’s location in person yourself. The information on the website is kept updated so you always have the most recent and relevant details.