Can Social Media Affect SEO Rankings?

Most businesses nowadays have a social media presence because that is the best way to engage with potential customers without paying too much money. The search engine optimization is one of the most important factors when it comes to online presence.

The question that we want to answer here is whether social media presence can influence SEO and vice versa. If you live in Spokane, Washington, you will undoubtedly need a perfect SEO to stay ahead of your competition.

Social media SEO is the amount of social media activities that will boost your website’s organic search and increase rankings on search engines. This particular topic will never get old. The main reason is that social media is one of the most critical factors for proper optimization in more than one way.

It will make your optimization activities useful and lucrative. Even though social media marketing differs from search engine optimization, they can help each other along the way. The popular belief is that social media won’t provide you better optimization and ranking directly.

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In other words, social signals won’t help you to rank better directly, but the links you share on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest will increase exposure of your brand. On the other hand, Google doesn’t see it as a motive to improve your rankings.

However, for understanding, you should dig deeper and have in mind that social media will have a positive effect on your overall ranking. There is a correlation between your site rank and number of social signs and presence that it has.

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Why did Google decide To Ignore Social Signals?

Google index and crawlers look at social media pages and profiles too. However, they don’t analyze content similarly as on regular websites, but it treats them as HTML page of the site. When it comes to social signals, Google doesn’t care about a number of shares and followers that you have.

That way, it would be simple for anyone to cheat the system and to gain higher rankings just due to social presence. It is difficult for crawlers to keep track of all shares and likes.

On the other hand, you should have in mind that social media plays an indirect role in getting your brand searched organically on search engines. That is what matters the most.

Why Should You Increase Your Social Media Presence

Search engine optimization will provide you greater visibility so that you can get more organic visitors to your website. On the other hand, social media marketing will give you the possibility to increase your followers and to find a targeted audience based on your services and preferences.

Even though it seems that these two strategies have different goals, by checking it thoroughly, we can see that they are working together. That is the main reason why social networks are becoming valuable search engines, while search engines are becoming more social.

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When you have an active social media strategy, you need solid SEO as a foundation for the next step. These two strategies go hand in hand, and we will provide you with clear reasons why you should focus on social media to increase your SEO results:

Social Media Will Get Indexed

If you publish the appropriate and relevant social media content on a regular basis, you will be able to increase your content marketing campaign. You will find out that your social media posts will get crawlers from search engines, and when you notice it, you will get a signal that you will get a better ranking.

Have in mind that it doesn’t mean that every post you make will get indexed, but it needs to be valuable and relevant enough so that people could use it further. For instance, when you search Oprah Winfrey, you will get her social media pages as a result, because it is relevant for the search query.

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Social media will enable you to get your website indexed faster because search engines will treat social media content as a relevant source. In case that your blog post, for example, gets lots of attention on Twitter or Facebook, the entire website will get indexed in a faster pace than before.

Search engine crawlers and spiders will find you faster and more comfortable because they will follow the social signal. Therefore, if your post gets popular and viral on social media, you will end up as a search engine result soon afterward.

Apart from that, you will be able to build authority for your website, which is a vital SEO factor that you have to focus on. In the eyes of search engines, your site and domain will have a higher value if it has high authority.