Sergey Sholom: The Most Interesting Information

Sergey Sholom is the name that getting more and more popular not only among gamers and game developers but also investors. Even before the incrediblysuccessful launch of MobileGo, this person was well known. If you wish to know more about Sergey and his success, you should keep reading this article.

Initial Information about Sergey Sholom

Sergey Sholom is forty-year-oldRussian gamer and developer of a range of successful projects who was born in 1978 in Moscow. Although the choice of gaming products was not large at the time when Sergey was a teenager, he tried everything that he could get. This is how his passion for gaming grew. Later, he became a well-known professional gamer. Everything began in 1997when Sholom along with a few other gamers created a professional gaming team named DataForceto play Quake 1.Soon the team reached the highest position in Russia and remained the winners until 2000. They also became the winners of a range of tournaments. DataForcestopped its existencein 2000.

The Most Successful Projects of Sergey

Sergey Sholom is not only a famous person in e-Sports but also in the cryptocurrency industry thanks to launching a range of interesting projects. After finishing a professional gaming carrier, he began working as a game developer. The first company that he founded in 2004was Datcroft Games. Since 2016, he has launched a range of promising cryptocurrencyprojects.

In December 2016, Sholom along with his business partner established GameCredits, where he became CEO.It is headquartered in Serbia and has over 100 employees working under the project from different parts of the world.

In the summer of 2017, it was announced about launching the GNation aiming at providing a range of benefits for gamers and game developers. Approximately at the same time, he became a co-founder and CEO in MobileGo. You can also check out the profile of Sergey on Istagram.

Interesting Facts

The following are some facts about Sergey Sholom that might be interesting for you:

  • Sergey has a twin brother;
  • As a child, Sergey loved playing football and ice hockey matches;
  • He has degrees in engineering and financial management.