JSONUtil 1.9.1 released

JSONUtil 1.9.1 has been released. Get it here

There were a couple of bugs that couldn’t really wait for the next major release so this is a minor one.

The reflection code from 1.9 did not recognizes boolean getters that started with “is”. That has been fixed.

There was a problem with the resource name tags for a class loading error. That has been fixed.

That said, there are some small new features:

The reflection code has been further optimized. It’s still quite a bit slower than making maps manually or using reflection with cached data but it’s significantly faster than it was in 1.9.

For JNDI startup, there is no longer a limit on the number of date parsing formats you can include. They simply have to have names that follow the pattern “dateParseFormatD” where “D” is some non-negative decimal integer. The formats will be loaded and tried in numerical order of their JNDI names.

JNDI reflection class loading no longer needs or uses an index limit to determine the names to look for. It tries to load any class that has a JNDI name following the pattern a”reflectClassD” where D is a non-negative decimal integer. The order of numbers is ignored in this case because loading order is irrelevant. It only matters that the names be unique because they are used as keys in a Map.

If you’re using Java 7 or earlier, download the jars with your Java version number. Otherwise just get the regular jars that don’t have a Java version in their name. They require a minimum of Java 8.

The binaries are also available at the Maven Central Repository