JSONUtil 1.8 released

JSONUtil 1.8 has been released. Get it here

This release fixes a few bugs and adds a new config flag.

It turns out that passing escapes through in strings is a bad idea, especially when code is passing Windows path names that have backslashes in them as “C:\not\right” gets interpreted as having a newline and a return in it. The default behavior is now to escape all inline backslashes rather than passing valid escapes through. You can still get the old behavior by using JSONConfig.setPassThroughEscapes(boolean). That method is also available in JSONConfigDefaults as well as through JNDI and MBean access.

There was a bug in formatting the error messages for unrecognized data. It has been fixed.

There was a white space bug in the JSONParser class that has been fixed.

If you’re using Java 7 or earlier, download the jars with your Java version number. Otherwise just get the regular jars that don’t have a Java version in their name. They require a minimum of Java 8.

The binaries are also available at the Maven Central Repository