JSONUtil 1.6 released

JSONUtil 1.6 has been released. Get it here

This release supports the full set of code points in identifiers permitted by the JSON standard including those which are not permitted by the ECMAScript standards. This ability is not there by default. You must enable it with JSONConfig using setFullJSONIdentifierCodePoints(boolean).

Logging can now be disabled via JNDI.

The unescape behavior has been improved when you enable “unescapeWherePossible”

escapeBadIdentifierCodePoints now properly handles Javascript escapes which are illegal in JSON as well as ECMAScript 6 code point escapes when you do not have useECMA6 enabled.

Even if you don’t enable unescapeWherePossible, Javascript escapes which are illegal for JSON are now unescaped and possibly re-escaped as needed in all strings.

Many Javadoc comments have been improved.

For those playing with the build, the JUnit tests now validate most of the test JSON with both Javascript eval() and Javascript JSON.parse(). The latter is only available with Java 7 and Java 8. The script engine for Java 6 does not support JSON.parse(). Java 5 doesn’t have a script engine and does no such validation in the tests.

If you’re using Java 7 or earlier, download the jars with your Java version number. Otherwise just get the regular jars that don’t have a Java version in their name. They require a minimum of Java 8.

Unless I hear from a significant number of people that they want Java 5 support, this will be the last release that supports Java 5. I’m thinking about dropping Java 6 as well so if you’re using Java 6 and want me to keep supporting it, then let me know. Surveys I’m reading on the net are saying that Java 5 is dead and Java 6 is gasping for breath.

The binaries are also available at the Maven Central Repository