JSONUtil 1.10.1 released

JSONUtil 1.10.1 has been released. Get it here

1.10.0 improved performance for string values that did not contain code points that needed to be escaped. This release improves performance for strings that do need escaping. If your strings need a lot of escaping then it dramatically improves performance.

JSONUtil now provides a boolean property name validator if you want to validate property names.

JsonObject has been enhanced to take a reference to a JSONConfig object which can be passed to the constructor or to a setter. When its toString or toJSON methods that don’t take a JSONConfig as a parameter are called, it will use that as its configuration object. If you pass a null config to the other ones, it will also use the one it has stored.

All of the public methods in JSONConfig which had a void return type now return the JSONConfig object itself. This is so that you can call such methods in series as with JsonObject.add().

If you’re using Java 7 or earlier, download the jars with your Java version number. Otherwise just get the regular jars that don’t have a Java version in their name. They require a minimum of Java 8.

The binaries are also available at the Maven Central Repository